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The Velorex UK sidecar range

velorex motorcycle sidecar


velorex motorcycle sidecar


velorex vn1500


We are pleased to offer the Velorex UK sidecar range from £2390 including fitting kit for the SPORT and from £2890 including fitting kit for the TOUR.

Strong but lightweight single seater sidecar from Velorex UK. Strengthened chassis, 20 mm axle, oil damped shock absorber and adjustable progressive spring. The SPORT is one of the lowest priced complete sidecars in the UK. But it is not built down to a price. Compare the specifications with any other sidecar, even those costing considerably more and you can see the SPORT is excellent value.

The body tub is made in two halves. The lower half is a strong and robust chip resistant ABS type plastic. This shrugs off stone chips with no damage. The top half is a high gloss fiberglass moulding that will keep its good looks for years with nothing more than a good polish from time to time. All Velorex UK sidecars are supplied in black only, but the top half can be colour matched to your bike for an additional charge.

Inside the SPORT has a comfortable well padded seat covered in a durable waterproof PVC material. The opening can be covered with a tonneau cover when not carrying a passenger. The foot well has a fitted carpet that can be easily removed for cleaning. At the front of the foot well there is a foot rest for added comfort. Behind the lockable seat back is a storage area for luggage.

We can fit these sidecars to scooters or motorcycles that do not have a traditional cradle, tubed frame as well as those that do, as we have the time and equipment to do so,

There are a few extras that can be added to the SPORT at additional cost if required. There is a choice of two screens, both low and high. In addition once the high screen has been fitted there is also a full weather hood available as well as a rack for the back and a nudge bar for the front.

The TOUR provides more comfort and easier access with it's high backed seat and opening front body section. The all weather hood is included in the price and the luggage compartment is the full height, providing a large amout of storage.

Simply Sidecars at F2 Motorcycles, will fit these to traditionally framed small motorcycles, as they are rather too busy selling lovely Ural sidecar outfits to get involved with complex fittings.!

Fitting and setup will cost in the region of £750 for classic tubular framed bikes, a little more for others, we will agree this cost with you before we start any work.
Don't forget, with us, you get a free day of training, and lunch, with any sidecar purchase.

Please contact us for further details or look on the Simply Sidecars website for more information

(this will open in a new window and take you away from the Motopodd site, "Simply Sidecars" is the brand name, a product from F2 Motorcycles Ltd.)