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Everything you need to know about sidecar fitting options and our unique sidecar training.

We are the UK's leading specialist sidecar fitters. Let us fit your sidecar. A well setup sidecar is a joy to ride, anything less can be tiresome or even dangerous.

This service will normally cost in the region of £750 for the majority of traditionally framed motorcycles, this does not include any motorcycle subframes required or fittings.
We design and fabricate our own subframes to suit each individual bike and your own requirements, this costs from between £250 to £1100 depending upon complexity, but it does allow us to fit any bike.
Most modern bikes do not have a full frame so most sidecar fitters will not be able to help you, however, we don't want to limit you to a small range of bikes. We can fit to literally any bike at all, (subject to suitability of the sidecar you have chosen from us). This will obviously cost a little more, contact us for advice and guidance.
We do not fit steering dampers to mask a less than perfect setup, we only use a damper when it is absolutely neccessary. Most sidecars can be setup without the need for expensive leading link forks.
We are also happy to fit other manufacturers sidecars or your own used sidecar, please ask us for a quote.
Please ask us if you are in any doubt or require further confirmation, we are always happy to advise.

We want you to enjoy your sidecar experience right from the start, so we will be happy to arrange a sidecar riding lesson for you, free of charge when you collect your fitted sidecar from us. This takes the form of a full day of one to one training off road and on road, in your own outfit, at your own speed. We even include lunch at a country pub!

We can arrange collection of your bike, or arrange to have your new bike delivered to us directly. We can also deliver your completed outfit. Call, or come and see us for more information, the kettle is always on here!