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Our sidecars are produced entirely in
Great Britain!
Made in Great Britain

New sidecars from EZS, the top quality Dutch sidecar people

The Clique comes in basic, Luxe or XC (Adventure) versions but can be customised to order, suitable for many bikes including scooters.

EZS Clique Sidecar

The Kompakt is a basic, affordable version of the Rally, also available as the Kompakt Kommit with a Summit type opening body.

EZS Kompakt Sidecar

The Rally comes in basic, LX or XC (Adventure) versions.

EZS Rally Sidecar

Rally LX

EZS Rally LX Sidecar

Rally XC

EZS Rally XC Sidecar

The RX4 is a 1.5 seater for 2 children or 1 child and 1 adult.

EZS RX4 Sidecar

The RX5 is similar to the RX4 but with separate mudguard and different lighting.

EZS RX5 Sidecar

The RX XC is the adventure version of the RX series and is suited to bikes like the BMW R1200GS.

EZS RX5 XC Sidecar

The Munro is a full 2 seater, luxurious and beautifully styled.

EZS Munro Sidecar

The Summit is a 2 seater, fully opening body for easy access, top of the range luxury.

EZS Summit Sidecar

EZS Summit Sidecar