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We produce entirely in
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We fit, design and build sidecars in the UK

We are unlike any other bike business and we don't just make gorgeous sidecars...

Business owner Rod Young started Motopodd Ltd. in 2008, he now runs 3 Wheels Better near Oxford.

What we do
We fit used or new sidecars to any bike, old or new, even to modern bikes with aluminium frames.
We design, fit and build subframes for any bike to take a sidecar.
We design and build new sidecar frames for you to fit your own body.
We design and build complete bespoke sidecars.
We specialise in sidecar setup. Bring us your bike and sidecar for us to setup, you'll be amazed at the difference.
We provide sidecar rider training, for novice or advanced sidecar riders.
We design and build single wheel trailers for solo motorcycles.

We are a traditional motorcycle business that values customer service, quality of workmanship and British manufacturing. We will always try our best to find the right solution for our customers.
We like a challenge, whether it's just a new rack for your bike or sidecar, or a completely bespoke motorcycle and sidecar outfit, we can build it for you.
Our workshops are fully equipped with everything required, we can make most things here.

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